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Brand: Arts and Bricks

6 Kid-Drawn Robots

6 Kid-Drawn Robots

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Durable and decorative, these wall vinyl decals are inspired by one child’s obsession with “ROBOTIC CITY” summer artwork! This set includes 4 ‘Good’ and 2 ‘Evil’ Robot wall decals and four speech bubble stickers ranging in size from about 4 to 7 inches in height. The "Evil" robots have V's on their forehead, and in this set happens to be red, too! These robots are hand-drawn and are peel-and-stick decals.

Read about the inspiration for this Kid-Created Robot Wall Decal Set

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  • Transform your child's art from drawing to wall decal! #forkids #kidsartwork #artwork #customdecal #customwalldecal #walldecal #robots
  • Turn your kid's robot drawings into custom wall decals and stickers! #walldecals #wallstickers #forkids #drawing #art #robots #customwalldecals #customwallstickers
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